HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — Harrisburg School District is starting off the new year with a mentorship program meant to help students navigate everyday challenges, both in and out of school.

However, the district needs 100 volunteers and they have not reached that goal yet.

The district is partnering with Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Capital Region and Living Well Institute to make the program happen. Mentors will get matched with a student in grades three through 10 and meet with them during a designated time.

During these one-on-one meetings, mentors will help with setting goals, confidence, and academic support.

Those who sign up would dedicate one hour a week, five times a month to their student and you do not need to have any prior mentor experience. Superintendent Eric Turman says this past year has seen some challenges, but he is encouraging the community to step up and join forces to support students.

“You have some students right now who just need direction, just need someone who is a positive influence in their life to be able to lean on, who can give them some positive feedback and really be able to guide them on their journey,” Superintendent Turman said.

“Whether it’s that small impact, just helping them with that social and emotional learning that occurs in elementary school or looking at where they want to be in their future in high school and they prepare for graduation,” Krystina Shultz of Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Capital Region.

The district has the capacity to serve 500 students but its goal for the start of the program is to have 100 mentors partnered with 100 students. They also hope to get the program up and running in January.

Those who are interested in signing up as a mentor are asked to email Cathy Watlington at cwatlington@capbigs.org