HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) – Harrisburg’s local Jewish Day School, The Silver Academy, sent a message to families Tuesday night warning parents about what their kids might see online.

“It’s come across the Jewish Day School Network, networks, that there is a potential that our children who maybe queued into the into the current events and to news should really be careful about what they’re consuming on social media,” said The Silver Academy Head of School Samara Sofian.

One piece of advice?

To completely delete the Instagram and TikTok apps from your children’s phone as soon as possible.

“With a fear that there may be some really disturbing imagery that’s put out with what’s going on with current events.”

The letter to parents says, “Terrorists are expected to release distressing videos of hostages begging for their lives.”

Those videos could show up on anyone’s feed, especially if someone follows news from Israel.

“We want to protect the kids from stumbling upon something that they can’t unsee.”

Sofian is a mother of two children at The Silver Academy and another child at a public school.

“As a parent, I’m really concerned about making sure that my kids are that they’re understanding what goes on in the world with compassion and understanding and in a way, that’s not terrorizing them for the future.”