HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) – Friday is the last night for indoor dining for restaurants in Pennsylvania for a while. One Harrisburg restaurant was flooded with reservations as soon as the new rules were announced, but being closed for the next few weeks will be tough for them.

Cheri Lyons is a waitress and bartender at Greystone Public House in Harrisburg. She is devastated that her workplace has to close down.

“It breaks my heart to leave tonight,” Lyons said. “We basically had just gotten caught up with everything that we went through being shut down for 3 months last time. And now we’re looking at 3 weeks after this. It’s very very upsetting to say the least.”

Owner Jason Viscount says Greystone will make it through the temporary shutdown, but he is concerned about his employees.

“This is their time to make money, buy presents for their family and kids and I have to tell them you know, we’re not going to be open and you’re going to be laid off,” Viscount said.

In the countdown to the cutoff a group of customers did their Christmas giving a little early by giving Cheri a $500 tip.

“It just really touched my heart that people realize what we’re going through,” Lyons said. “They told me ‘Merry Christmas, keep your head up.'”

The extra cash is great, but the change isn’t.

“If they want to shut things down, supposedly for the greater good, at least take care of the individuals that you are forcing out of a job,” Lyons said.

The restrictions may not be permanent. Their impacts might be.

We really count on this month. And this season it’s not only tough for the moment but for the months to come,” Lyons said.