HARRISBURG, pa. (WHTM) — One local man’s trip to the polling place turned more eventful than what most of us who voted experienced Tuesday.

Harrisburg Police said that 75-year-old David Lassiter went back to his polling place because he forgot his wallet. Lassiter did find it but said $100 was missing from it. The polling place was located at the Covenant Community Church at 17th and Derry Streets in Harrisburg.

Police said Lassiter then got upset, and that they were able to make contact with him over the phone. Police said that he told officers that would be back with a gun to “handle it,” despite their attempts to tell him not to.

According to Police, Lassiter then went home, got a gun, and brought it back to the polling place. Police then said Lassiter appeared to point a handgun at one of the marked police units, which was unoccupied.

Police then arrested him for making terroristic threats and other related charges. But officers said they then found seven other guns, including an AR-15, plus hundreds of rounds of ammo in his car.

abc27 asked police if they had ever experienced anything such as this before.

“The short answer is no. Quite honestly after a couple, of long years of doing (this job), I don’t put anything past anybody. And, it’s just, I am never surprised,” Harrisburg Police Captain Terry Wealand said.

Wealand also said that he is very proud of how seriously the precinct workers took the threat by calling the police, and by how the officers handled everything, leading to an arrest and no one getting hurt.

“I think that their actions and their decision-making allowed for this to be handled without the use of violence, you know. Luckily, nobody got hurt. And I think that’s a huge part is played by the fact that those officers went out there reasonably and responsibly and in a timely manner, ” Wealand added. “If those officers wouldn’t have been there when they were there, this could have went really bad.”