DAUPHIN COUNTY, Pa. (WHTM) – Across the Midstate Family First Health is led by a team that is 89% women.

“You know When I think about this topic, you know its been front and center for me throughout my career,” said Jenny Englerth, President and CEO of Family First Health.

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She added, “I understood that the environment was largely female dominated but that leadership in health care was still victim of a glass ceiling.”

A glass ceiling, Englerth broke.

“It’s a great way to see an opportunity that as a working woman you can continue to grow and develop into a leader yourself,” said Michelle Jordan, Director of Medical Operations at FFH.

“I think women tend to have a higher emotional intelligence where maybe they don’t have to work at that quite as hard,” she said.

Without offending the men in the room, Jordan said it is a crucial part of pandemic peaks.

“Women tend to be the caregivers and so in our organization we were really trying to make sure that we could support women and make sure they didn’t need to make tough decisions,” said Jordan.

Women didn’t have to leave the job, take time off, find childcare. Family First Help made sure to keep their staff and patients first.

To other women dominated workforces CEO Jenny Englerth has this advice:

“Not to tear one another down, or to find the weakness in someone else and exploit that and I think that some of those behaviors in other environments are common. That isn’t part of our environment and that wouldn’t work as part as our environment.”