HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) – New money is aimed at helping more toddlers and their families in Pennsylvania.

The commonwealth is one of 10 states and D.C. to receive a $100,00 grant, which will help with early childhood education, healthcare, and childcare.

“I’d love to see T.A. available, that technical assistance piece, the mentoring, showing staff what high-quality conversations look like, and the way to interact with children in a really intentional way,” said Laura Grill, director of the Hansel and Gretel Early Learning Center.

That’s the aim of a state grant from the Pritzker Children’s Initiative. The nonprofit Pennsylvania Partnerships for Children, a child advocacy group, will use the money to hash out better ways to take care of and educate toddlers.

“Ensuring that children are getting well visits in the early part of their life, but also focusing on things like lead exposure, childhood nutrition,” said Kari King, the president and CEO of Pennsylvania Partnerships for Children.

The timeframe to create these plans with the governor’s office is six months. After that, five states will be chosen to receive even more money to implement the proposed changes.

“One to three million dollars, so it’s substantial,” said King.

Childcare workers in Pennsylvania are excited to see the plans.

“They love that genuine one on one time, ‘sure I have time for you on my lap,’ and when those connections are developed, that’s when learning really takes place,” said Grill.