(WHTM)– It was a one-mile support walk through the streets of Harrisburg with advocates who support child abuse victims and want to help them heal from trauma.

“I think this is an issue that you know we don’t talk about it every day, but it certainly exists in everybody’s communities,” Senior Forensics Interviewer at UPMC Violet Witter said.

The Pennsylvania Children’s Advocacy Center members, survivors, and supporters walked one mile for its Pennsylvania Shine campaign.

“This is a day to say to all victims that we support you all the time and there are people out here all through the community and we want to bring awareness to the community that we have a plan to be able to approach and support all victims of child sex assault,” Technical Systems Manager at PennCAC Dave Rush said

People walked from the city island, across the river, along the front to State Street, before gathering at the steps of the capitol.

“To be able to bring awareness to such a topic that people don’t like to talk about or hear about is important to let victims know that they are supported and we do have a place and resources to come to their aid and serve them,” said Rush.

This walk was meant to raise awareness, let survivors know they are not alone, and remind them of available resources.

“It’s important that these children have one place to come like a one-stop shop so that they’re able to share their experiences with one individual and have the whole team there to be able to support them throughout the process,” said Witter.

Some signs of sexual abuse are unwanted physical contact, difficulty walking, or soreness, but most of the time there are rarely any signs.

“That’s really important is for like as adults to know that children will disclose on their own terms when they are ready, I think the most important thing really is for the adults in our community to be supportive to the children to be willing to hear them out,” said Witter.

According to the CDC, one in four girls and one in thirteen boys experience child sexual abuse, and for child abuse advocates one is too many.