(WHTM) — One of the most inspirational stories in all of America passed through the Midstate on Monday.

Paulie’s Push” made its way through the Midstate on Monday, Aug, 28. Paulie is a nickname for Paul Veneto. Veneto is a retired United Airlines flight attendant who lost several friends during the September 11, 2001 attacks on United Flight 175. That plane took off from Boston and crashed into the World Trade Center.

Each of the past few years, he has been pushing a beverage cart, which is an actual cart from an airplane, along the entire route of each of the four flights from that day. This year, he is following Flight 93, from Newark to Shanksville, Pennsylvania. That is a distance of 300 miles.

Veneto pushed through Harrisburg on Monday morning, around the Capitol, and across the Market Street Bridge into Wormleysburg.

“It is not about me being an athlete. It’s about recognizing these crew members for their heroics on those airplanes. For me to push this cart down the street is nothing. It’s not about being physically able to do it. It’s a mental thing. It needs to get done. Period. ” Vemeto said.

This is the first time that Paulie’s Push has made its way through the Midstate.