HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — Mr. Eric Turman has been announced as finalist for the next superintendent of the Harrisburg School District.

Mr. Turman has been principal of the 5,200 student body of the Reading High School in Reading PA since 2011.

According to Dr. Janet Samuels, Harrisburg School District Court Appointed Receiver, Turman has led dramatic academic improvements and received numerous accolades for the positive change in culture at the school.

On, Tuesday, May 25, the Harrisburg interview team will participate in a virtual site visit to Reading High School to speak with the faculty, staff and students about Turman. Then, on May 27, Turman will take part in a virtual visit to Harrisburg where various groups will meet with him.

“Above all, I believe the interview team was impressed with Mr. Turman’s commitment to children and success and positive track record in helping to bring academic achievement to a school system that faced many challenges,” Dr. Samuels said.

Turman is a recipient of the Maxwell Transformational Leadership Award. He is credited with helping Reading High School to increase its graduation rates from 53% in 2011 to as high as 72% in 2019; decrease student dropout and suspension rates, and increase its school performance profit data.

Over the past years, he has also held several administrative roles including Director of Elementary Education in the Reading School District. Plus, he managed the implementation of the high school’s $37 million budget and for the professional development of 400 staff members.

“Eric Turman built confidence in the selection team with his sensitivity to the unique challenges of each student,” James Thompson, president of Harrisburg School Board said. “I found his up-at-4 a.m. dedication to urban education inspiring. The notable accomplishments of so many of the students at Reading High School reflect his infectious competitive spirit as a visionary leader, collaborator, convener and coach.”

Providing this week’s site visits go well, the Receive will likely announce intent to appoint Turman next month.