MIDDLETOWN, Pa. (WHTM) — U.S. airlines canceled hundreds of flights and delayed thousands more. But they canceled exactly zero at Harrisburg International and Baltimore/Washington International airports Sunday and Monday, and delays at those airports were minimal.

“Fingers crossed, knocking on wood,” said Erin Holberg, traveling with Nick Liebl from Harrisburg — where she’s from — back to Los Angeles, where they live, via Charlotte on American Airlines. “Let’s hope it stays that way.”

“It was real smooth,” said Andres Martin, who had just arrived at Harrisburg from Atlanta on Delta. “Nothing crazy to me.”

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Perveen Bamerni arrived at Harrisburg all the way from Istanbul on United Airlines via Newark. She arrived on time, and so too — to her even bigger surprise — did her bags.

“Honestly, I was just nervous about my luggage,” Bamerni said. “So, like, I would ask a lot of questions about my luggage — where I would go and things like that.”

Just because no flights to or from Harrisburg were canceled doesn’t mean no one traveling to or from the airport was impacted by the global mess; cancelations elsewhere could have interrupted trips beginning or ending in Harrisburg, where major airlines fly primarily to their major hubs for connecting flights to elsewhere in the U.S. and world.

If you’re stuck somewhere trying to get home after the holiday, be proactive and creative about telling the airline how flexible you’re willing to be to get home. If they tell you they can’t get you back to Harrisburg or your destination airport soon but you’re willing to fly to another airport like Baltimore/Washington or Philadelphia to at least get near home as soon as possible, tell an agent that; they won’t assume it.

Or you could just follow the advice of Andres Martin, who — despite his on-time flight Monday — had a more harrowing travel experience last month.

“I don’t have control over these things,” Martin said. “So I don’t worry about it.”