HARRISBURG (WHTM) – A march to the State Capitol on Monday for equality, focused specifically on immigrants.

The march was about a mile from St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church, on Market Street to the State Capitol. Those with MILPA, the Movement of Immigrant Leaders in Pennsylvania, a grassroots network of immigrant families, and local religious leaders, prayed and fasted for 40 days. That fast ended Monday, when the group broke bread outside the State Capitol following the march, in support of House Bill 2835, which would help people, who are undocumented, apply for driver’s licenses.

“This session we hope that it is passed, and our legislators understand that it is a basic right which is the human right of mobility to support driver’s licenses for everyone here in our state,” said Maria Alejandra Hernandez, Harrisburg coordinator for MILPA.

Several people talked and gave testimonials, saying this is especially important during the pandemic.

“He says that as an immigrant he has suffered to meet the basic necessities without having a driver’s license and has been in the consequences of it, especially having to go to work at 1 in the morning,” said a translator for Esvin Maldonado.

The group wants to remind people, they’re asking for the right to driver’s licenses and not a real ID, or the right to vote.

“There are going to be the regular, standard rquirements like every other Pennsylvanian has, but it will include the use of an ITIN, which is an individual tax identification number, which is issued by the IRS,” said Hernandez.

House Bill 2835 is expected to be introduced in the state Senate soon.