HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — With workers continuing to strike at 14 Pennsylvania nursing homes, the picket line is moving from those homes to the state capitol as workers demand better pay and working conditions.

“We’re calling on the governor to intervene, to get us back to the bargaining table,” said Kristen Krusnoski from The Gardens at York Terrace who was at the capitol on Thursday. “We want a liveable wage for all of our staff, we want insurance that we can actually use in our counties, we want to get back to our residents — they’re our family, we want to get back to taking care of them.”

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The governor’s office says Gov. Tom Wolf will not intervene. He did recently work to secure millions of dollars in funding for nursing homes, though.

Krusnoski says care at the nursing homes with striking workers is likely being impacted because the usual nursing home workers have bonds with their patients that the agency staff filling in now does not.

In recent releases, managers at three nursing homes with striking workers in the Midstate said that things are running smoothly, that all residents are getting the care they need, and that staff — including some union members who chose not to strike — are helping to keep operations on track.

Four more nursing homes are expected to go on strike on Friday.