HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — Local officials and UPMC announced a new plan to teach lifesaving tactics called “Minutes Matter.”

“It’s a way to educate the community and bring them into learning about how to be that first responder before the first responder gets there. It’s about how to help someone that might need their help until Ems gets on the scene and so this is a community education opportunity,” said Lou Baverso, President OF UPMC In Central Pa Region.

The program trains members of the community on how to respond to emergencies.

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“Once you have the training it’ll be almost like automatic so those few seconds you’ll recognize there’s a problem and be able to jump into action and really help somebody out,” Barry Albertson, Director of Operations For Community Life team.

Things like hands-only CPR, Narcan administration, defibrillator use, and ways to stop someone from bleeding, are just a few of the techniques covered in the program.

“We’re taking this initiative to get out to the to really to the residents and the family members who really can make a huge difference in someone’s life just by having a few maybe minutes or even hour of training,” said Albertson.

More than 400,000 people in the United States die each year from the loss of heart function, and with this program, they hope to change that.

“I think it’s a key for all of us as community members to be able to care for one another and this campaign just helps us do that,” said Baverso.

Anyone can sign up for the training just visit Minutes Matter | UPMC.