Veteran John Noll opened Swatara Coffee Shop in Lebanon County with his wife a little over a year ago, and their customers are loyal.

“We enjoy trying all of their creations,” said customer Monica Bortz.

One of their creations is only available for a limited time. 

“Absolutely wonderfully good,” added Bortz.

“It was an idea we had last year, and we thought about it. We started devising it, how it’s going to taste, because we want it to be a great product,” said Joanna Guldin-Noll, co-owner of Swatara Coffee Company.

Fastnacht lattes, a first for the Lebanon County shop.

The husband and wife owners say they plan to make their unique take on the annual Pennsylvania Dutch celebration a yearly tradition.

“It’s tough for me not to have like a dozen of them every day. It’s so good,” said Noll.

The dessert with a twist is something some customers prefer to the fastnacht donut.

“I would say like a buttery, almost like the fastnacht, but I think it’s better, whether it’s because you can enjoy it longer or it just it warms you up, but quite more satisfying than just the fastnacht by itself,” said Bortz.

But the fastnacht isn’t too far away. It’s the perfect topper.

“As we try to do with everything, we try to make sure that we can do as local as possible,” said Noll.

And if hot coffee isn’t for you, the fastnacht latte comes in an iced version as well.