HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) – A formerly convicted murderer was found not guilty and released from prison Tuesday afternoon after serving more than a decade.

Larry Trent Roberts, 48, was released from Dauphin County Prison, all smiles after seeing his family, friends, and lawyers who made his release possible.

“It’s like living in hell. There’s nothing worse than being innocent in jail while the person who is actually guilty is walking around freely. Every day a person is innocent has to stay in jail, the actual perpetrator is walking around,” Roberts said.

According to Roberts’ lawyers, a retrial over the past week found Roberts not guilty in the shooting death of his friend Duwan Stern on Dec. 21, 2005.

He was arrested in January the following year and was imprisoned until Tuesday.

“I don’t think I can make up for lost times, but definitely spending time with family and looking forward to the future,” Roberts said.

According to his lawyers, the testimony of three witnesses led to his conviction. At the retrial, the main piece of evidence leading to his innocence was his cell phone.

“In this case, the Devonshire Tower was the tower involved, and Sprint Nextel was able to show on a map where Trent’s phone was likely to be, where it may have been, and where it couldn’t have been, and one of the places it couldn’t have been was the scene of the murder at 20th and Swatara Streets,” Pepper Hamilton attorney Thomas Schmidt said.

The Pennsylvania Innocence Project and Roberts’ lawyers were able to secure his release. Roberts thanked them and his loved ones for not giving up on him all these years.