The state is warning residents about a possible measles exposure in Juniata County. 

Health officials say a New York state resident with a suspected case of measles may have exposed the disease to others in Pennsylvania.

“The person came through an area where measles is spreading right now,” said Nate Wardle, the press secretary at the Pennsylvania Department of Health. 

The Health Department says the man traveling through Juniata County stopped by a business in the Mifflintown area. 

“The exposure time is between October 14 and October 19,” said Wardle. 

Officials don’t know if the man was vaccinated or not.

The Health Department wouldn’t release the name of the business, but says all employees were notified, since they then all traveled home. 

Symptoms can appear between one to three weeks of exposure, and can include a rash, high fever and red, watery eyes. 

“You can catch measles by walking into a room that someone with measles was in two hours later,” said Dr. Carrie Delone, the medical director for the Geisinger Holy Spirit Medical Group.  

The Health Department says about 95% of PA children have the measles vaccine. There have been two confirmed cases this year

“If you have received one dose of the vaccine, you have coverage 93% of the time,” said Delone. “If you’ve received the recommended two doses, it’s 97% of the time.”

“From a scientific point of view, vaccines are very safe,” said Wardle. 

If you think you were exposed or are experiencing measles symptoms, contact your doctor or call the health department’s hotline 1 877-PA-HEALTH.