HEMPFIELD, Pa. (WHTM) — Hempfield School District is moving forward with a plan to require student-athletes to play on teams according to their biological sex.

Just like last week’s vote at a policy committee meeting, Tuesday night’s vote was 7-2 in favor of the new policy. It still has to pass a second reading before it’s implemented.

In the wording of the new policy, the majority of the Hempfield school district believes Title IX, which creates equal athletic opportunities for girls, also should protect them from having to compete against transgender girls.

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“Do you agree that biological sex cannot be changed? Policy 123.1 designates teams for males females and coed. This is not discrimination. This is equality,” said parent Meredith Hilt.

But Ollie Wenditz, the only transgender student at the board meeting, disagrees and feels “awful. I feel angry. We need change in this world. We need equality. And this is not helping, he said.

Most people at the meeting supported the new policy, where the only accommodation would be made for biologically male students trying out for “teams designated for females” if they provide a doctor’s note to the athletic director certifying the student hasn’t started “male puberty.”

“There should not be propaganda or seen activism political or this inclusive diversity ideology in which students or people are made to accept ideas that go against their morals,” said parent Stacey Hernandez.

Some did speak up against the policy.

“Is it about winning or participation?” said parent Tammy Jacobs.

Board members say they acknowledge potential trouble ahead.

“I think it’s a calculated risk and I believe in it to protect our female athletes,” said school board member Dylan Bard.

But only two voted no.

“(I have) concern about how the district is going to handle this and the effect is going to have on our students,” said school board member Mike Donato.

Ollie has one last message for everyone.

“Hate is learned. Please don’t be like hateful. Just accept,” he said.

If the policy passes a second reading, likely at next month’s board meeting, then it would go into effect.

“Any student that has a concern, I would encourage them to reach out to the district and we will work with them and provide whatever support they need,” said Board President Grant Keener.