(WHTM) – The Hempfield School District says they have completed the fact-finding portion of their investigation into a drag show at Hempfield High School on April 25.

The district released findings on its website and said the event “was found to be a symptom of a larger issue that revealed a lack of an appropriate level of oversight and supervision in the building at times, as well as inconsistent and/or a lack of procedures for certain activities.”

In the picture circulating on social media, a teacher was shown standing with what appears to be four drag queens in revealing clothes, one of whom appears to have their backside exposed. The teacher was placed on administrative leave and the district did not comment on any further discipline.

It’s not known how many students or staff attended the after-hour show.

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Below are relevant facts and findings from the investigation, as well as follow-up actions that are currently under review for implementation.


  • Building administrators were aware of the event. The club advisors received approval to hold the event.
  • The event was publicized at the high school via Schoology posts to club members and school-wide announcements.
  • There were principals in the building when guests arrived.
  • There was a lack of professional judgment in allowing the guests to continue to the event, as they were dressed inappropriately for a school setting.
  • Per district policy and PA school code, clearances are not required for guests visiting the school irregularly and not providing for the care, supervision, guidance, or control of children.
  • The guests went through the established visitor screening process which includes an instant background check against the Megan’s Law database.
  • There was no contract with or payment made to the performers by the district.
  • Permission slips are generally not required for extracurricular activities that take place at the school and do not require transportation.
  • It has not been consistent practice to take attendance and maintain attendance records for student activities and clubs.

Information gleaned from the investigation brought to light other matters. The drag show event was found to be a symptom of a larger issue that revealed a lack of an appropriate level of oversight and supervision in the building at times, as well as inconsistent and/or a lack of procedures for certain activities.

The issues that were brought to light through the investigation have led to a review of existing processes and procedures, clarification of expectations, and the identification of gaps and corresponding solutions.

Corrective Actions:

Initial actions include, but may not be limited to:

  • Review and enforce adherence to current policies and procedures; tighten internal controls and accountability.
  • Review and adjust related policies and record keeping guidelines as needed.
  • Implement a revised process for ongoing club management including an annual review, record keeping procedures, and supervisory expectations. 
  • Ensure proper administrator supervision in the building when student extracurricular events/activities are occurring.

“As has been consistently communicated, the district is limited in what it can share publicly about investigations involving students and staff, and cannot share the details of any disciplinary action due to an employee’s right to privacy.

There is often a desire for more information to be shared publicly than can be done. That, however, should never be an indication that the district is ignoring a concern or covering up facts. The district is committed to addressing the issues that have been uncovered through this investigation and remains steadfast in our efforts to provide the best educational opportunities and experiences to all of our students.”

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