HERSHEY, Pa. (WHTM) — The 2021 Craft Beer Marketing Awards, also known as the “Crushies,” recently recognized several breweries from around the world for their creative marketing, including local favorite Troegs.

In Pennsylvania, 4 breweries picked up Crushies, and Troegs got their 2021 Platinum Crushie in “Best Original Video/Series.” In 2020, Troegs was honored with two, a Platinum for “Best Original Video/Cause-related,” and a Gold for “Coolest Taproom.”

“When COVID hit, we knew we were going to lose the sensory experiences that beer drinkers typically have in bars, restaurants, and bottleshops,” Troegs Senior Brand Manager Justin Williams said. “No in-person samplings. No launch events. No browsing of shelves for new beers. So we developed this video series to replace those lost sensory experiences.”

Troegs thanks their hard working team for putting this all together to help them win this honor.

“The series brought home to award, but we don’t even have a video series if we don’t first develop, brew, and package great beers. For each video, we start by tapping into the expertise of our Beer Team. They share their inspiration for the recipe, their exploration of ingredients, and the brewing techniques they use,” Williams said. “Our Head Tour Guide Christie Yurkovic is a great storyteller, and she uses that information to guide beet drinkers through a virtual tour of each beer.”

Williams also gave credit to the founding members of Troegs, Chris and John, who are also Pennsylvania natives. He says “they wanted to open a brewery where their roots are.”

“John Trogner, one of our founding brothers, always says: ‘We want people to be able to taste the beer in their heads.’ That’s what the ‘We Taste’ videos are all about,” Williams said. “It means so much to Troegs on many levels – from access to great agriculture, to the conservation work we’ve done with The Nature Conservancy, to the relationships we have with our partners and fellow Pa. brewers, the list goes on.”

Williams also mentioned that they had to stay flexible during the pandemic, and that they were one of very few top 30 independent breweries in the nation to grow in 2020. They were happy to keep their employees working and reach out to the community.

“In 2020, we donated $39,000 in gift cards to front-line workers at 4 Central Pa. hospitals. We also raised $10,000 to help provide emergency assistance for local hospitality workers. And through the Black is Beautiful collaboration with Harris Family Brewery, we donated $14,439 to Amiracle4sure, which provides education, mentoring, and advocacy for people as they transform their lives after incarceration,” Williams said.

The team is also excited to be consistently introducing new flavors over the past 10 years. The team has introduced a Scratch Lab, that gets tested by a special group to experiment with different flavors that can end up in their Hershey Tasting Room.

“We try to have a new Scratch beer every Thursday. So next time you’re here, try one of the limited Scratch beers. You won’t find them anywhere else, and you might be getting a sneak peek of our next new release,” Williams said.