HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — On Sept. 22, to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, abc27 visited a business that started as a man helping his friends, and showcases an incredible story.

Cesar Muñoz came to the United States, New York initially, from the Dominican Republic in 1978. Although Muñoz didn’t have much, he worked hard and became an example of a quintessential immigrant success story.

“I had a couple of restaurants,” said Muñoz, but he had no idea how to fill out important paperwork or taxes. “I see that nobody helped me out when it’s coming to accounting or tax.”

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Along his journey, Muñoz moved to York, Pennsylvania. After learning the essential business skills he was lacking, Muñoz decided to help others by teaching.

“I see that my community needs somebody who can teach them how to do business,” said Muñoz.

His teaching quickly turned into a business.

The Latinos Tax Center and Accounting in York, owned by Muñoz, helps residents understand important paperwork.

“We do notary, we do translation because they come from another country, and they try to do paperwork for immigration,” said Muñoz.

The next step?

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“I decided to go for the tax preparation,” Muñoz added. “That way I can represent my client or any client who comes in through that door with IRS problems.”

Muñoz shared his ultimate goals with the Latinos Tax Center and Accounting.

“I just want to help them out, to guide them to do the right thing, not the wrong thing,” said Muñoz. “Every day they’re walking through my door. And that’s the more important part that they trust me. when I told them something, they trust you.”

Hundreds of people in the York area now go to the Latinos Tax Center and Accounting for help.

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“Makes me feel proud that I can help my community,” Muñoz added. “Made me feel proud to be American. I am a U.S. citizen and my dream come true.”