GLEN ROCK, Pa. (WHTM) — PeoplesBank, A Codorus Valley Company, recently announced on Nov. 21, 2022 that they will be donating their historic bank location to the Borough of Glen Rock.

This historic building on 1 Manchester St., Glen Rock, was originally founded back in 1864, and was known as ‘the First National Bank of Glen Rock, Penna’, according to PeoplesBank. At the time, the bank was predominantly attributed with economic growth around the area, during the post-Civil War era.

“As the birthplace of PeoplesBank, Glen Rock holds a special place in the hearts of every PeoplesBank associate. The donation is another example of the bank’s long-term commitment to the community and our commitment to memorializing the legacy of PeoplesBank’s contribution to the prosperity of the area,” PeoplesBank’s President and CEO, Craig Kauffman said during a Glen Rock Borough Council meeting.

Years later in 1997, the building officially became part of the National Register of Historic Places – which is a national program dedicated to identifying, evaluating, and protecting historic sites and archeological resources throughout America, according to the National Register of Historic Place’s website.

Today, the historic banking building occupies the Glen Rock Borough office, as well as housing the Glen Rock Historical Preservation Society, according to PeoplesBank. Currently, the Historical Preservation Society utilizes their space as a museum which highlights the years of history at Glen Rock – with this donation, the Historic Preservation Society can now expand their museum into the portion of the building that will become vacant once PeoplesBank moves out.

“With PeoplesBank’s donation of this historic building located in the center of our town, we have an opportunity to showcase Glen Rock’s place in local history,” Jon Nicklow, president of the
Glen Rock Historical Preservation Society said.

According to PeoplesBank, the donation of the historic building will be finalized in December 2022. PeoplesBank will continue to serve the residents of Glen Rock at another nearby financial center, still offering their full range of services.