(WHTM) — Various critical races across Pennsylvania are being tracked, including how the younger generation is shaping outcomes.

A red wave inevitably crashed into a blue wall in Pennsylvania on Election Day.

“It was a good day, I think, for democracy,” President Joe Biden said.

As Democrats and Republicans continue to fight for control of Congress, election night went a lot better for Democrats than many election experts expected, in part thanks to the youngest generation of voters.

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“Generation Z was most important demographic in this election if it were just the older generations voting we would be talking about a very different election right now,” said Joe Powers, a political science professor at St. Joseph’s University.

Americans aged 18 to 29 only make up approximately 12% of voters, but the majority of them vote for Democrats.

“The Democrats are on their side on most of the issues important to them,” Powers added.

Abortion was a particularly important issue to younger voters. According to an exit poll conducted by ABC news, 44% of voters aged 18 to 29 said abortions were at the top of their minds.

“I would say also in issues like climate change for a segment of that population, population. Student Loan Forgiveness is of course a really critical part of their experience,” Powers said.

Powers also said Democrats’ stance on gun control brought in young voters.

“This new generation grew up doing, practicing, active shooter drills. Each trip to school they wonder if this is going to be their school this time,” Powers said.

Powers also pointed out that the current presidents’ party typically loses in the midterms.

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“I believe that it would have gone back to the historical trends. We would have seen truly we would have seen the kind of Republican advance the red tide that was talked about,” Powers concluded.