HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — The Pennsylvania House Committee held a hearing to find out how prepared the Commonwealth is for the quickly approaching Nov. election. State election officials say that all 67 Pennsylvania counties are ready for the election.

Secretary of State Leigh Chapman spoke in front of the committee on the morning of Sept. 14, saying her department holds biweekly calls with county election officials and monthly calls with county commissioners to answer and questions or concerns.

Chapman also said her department prioritizes combatting misinformation and making sure every voter can cast their ballot as the election approaches.

“We believe that all options should be available for voters to cast their ballot and have it counted. So with mail-in voting, that includes being able to mail it through the postal service, being able to drop it off at a secure drop box location, and also being able to go to your county, request a ballot, and vote it right there,” said Chapman.

Pennsylvanians will be able to vote by mail this Nov. The Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruled in Aug. of 2022 that mail-in ballots are constitutional.

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The deadline to register before the Nov. election is Oct. 24.