(WHTM) – During his Tuesday morning Sirius XM radio show, Howard Stern described the enormous amount of Hershey’s chocolate he had to buy after his wife saw the custom Reese’s cups available at Hersheypark.

After saying his wife Beth is “back on chocolate” and that he’s her supplier, Stern described the custom Reese’s cups available in Chocolateworld “when you’re in Hershey, Pennsylvania.”

“It had chocolate, peanut butter, marshmallow, M&Ms, pretzels,” he exclaimed, but the pie-sized custom Reese’s cup eventually ran out. He was disappointed to realize you had to visit Hershey to get your hands on one.

“She was so sad it was over, let me go online and let me see if I can order one of these custom things from the Hershey,” he said. “You can not go online, you have to go there. That’s the perk of going there!”

To help cover his wife’s renewed taste for chocolate, Stern said he stocked the freezer with Hershey with all kinds of Hershey candy.

“Hershey chocolate with Reese’s but with some have little cakes in it, some have hunks of pretzel in it, some have marshmallows and I stocked the freezer with a boatload of Hershey. I got all different kinds, some kind they chop up the pretzel and stick it in it, some where the whole pretzel is in the chocolate.”

Howard said he doesn’t eat the chocolate as part of his diet, instead eating fruit while his wife eats the candy.

Stuff Your Cup is available both in Hershey and in New York City’s Time Square.

The Stuff Your Cup experience at Time Square Hershey’s Chocolate World allows visitors to create a giant personalized Reese’s treat stuffed with different kinds of candy such as marshmallows, cookie bites, Reese’s Pieces, and potato chips.

A Reese’s tasteologist will then fold the treat in the authentic Reese’s peanut butter cup’s oversized chocolate shell.