HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — Why adopt one cat when you can adopt two (or more)? The Humane Society of Harrisburg Area (HSHA) is running a “BOGO” adoption special, where if you adopt two cats/kittens, you’ll get one free.

This BOGO special will take place Monday, September 12 thru Saturday, September 17.

“Cats are social creatures and often get misrepresented as loners,” said Amanda Brunish, Director of Marketing & Outreach. “Most cats enjoy being with other cats, so we want to encourage people to consider looking at adopting two at once.”

Adopting more than one cat comes with many benefits. According to petfinder.com, having two cats (or more) will help the cats provide each other with exercise, social interaction, mental stimulation, and the cats are less likely to be destructive or engage in problematic behavior.

If you are looking to adopt two cats, but you don’t know which ones to pair with each other, the HSHA provided these tips to help in your decision:

  • Kittens will most likely do well together because they are young and still developing.
  • With adult cats, look for the “Good in a Home with Other Cats” notation on their cat condor or Petfinder profile. HSHA will test your match to make sure the cats are a good fit!
  • The HSHA Adoption and Behavior Teams are more than happy to answer questions and help

You can see the adoptable cats here.

If you are interested in adopting, the HSHA mentions how the adoption process for this BOGO will still remain the same. You’ll need to fill out and application and be approved before meeting your cats.