HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) – Even though the carnage is thousands of miles away, the war in Israel and Palestine is weighing heavy on those here at home.

Palestinian-American Nabila Taha and Harrisburg Rabbi Ron Muroff are worried sick for their family members in Israel and along the Gaza Strip, an enclave home to over two million Palestinians.

“I’m without words,” Taha said. “I’m just shocked. We are humans, Palestinians are human beings just like everyone else.”

Taha and other Palestinian-Americans said they’re not surprised by what’s happening overseas.

“This is like a pressure cooker, it’s been a pressure cooker for three generations,” Shareef Abdul Rahman said.

Rabbi Muroff is also concerned about his family in the Middle East. He has four children, three of whom live in Israel.

“They’re all physically safe and, like everyone else, are really devastated by the heinous murders that have taken place,” Muroff said.

Muroff also told ABC27 News that his cousin in Israel was kidnapped by Hamas.

“She’s a young woman, a mother of small children and all of her family are desperate for news of a safe return,” Muroff said.

Despite Muroff and Taha’s different beliefs, they both want one thing: peace.

“I think once we recognize our fellow human beings humanity, that’s what’s key,” Muroff said.

“We aren’t asking them [Americans] to be pro-Palestinian, just be with justice,” Taha added.