YORK COUNTY, Pa. (WHTM) — The Kiwanis Lake is a York County landmark. This 100-year-old lake is a destination not only for nature enthusiasts but also families.

“A lake like everything else. It is a living breathing organism and if you don’t keep after the organism it can have issues that come up,” said Aaron Jacobs, York Rotary Club.

Sure enough, it did. The lake fell into disrepair, compromised as the environment around it changed. So, the city with help from the York Rotary Club decided to do something about it.

“It had a lot of garbage, hydrilla, and algae building up there so it was unpleasant. The dam the lights and the fountains no longer worked and we were overrun with wildlife population,” Aaron Jacobs said.

After a three-year restoration and hundreds of thousands of dollars later, it is now complete with all its upgrades.

“We added the Smart Lake feature to the lake which no other lake in Pennsylvania can boast. We have a monitoring system so when we have a problem we can be alerted to it and we can address it before it gets too late,” Jacobs added.

The new technology will allow schools to make this a part of their curriculum.

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“We have a real-time tracking system for items like pH and water clarity, where there is a link for students to get data and analyze that data,” said Lettice Brown, City of York Public Works.

This helps multiple parties keep an eye on a landmark right in their backyard.

“This was a gift from previous generations that we must be good stewards of and we hope the work that we have done on the lake now honors that gift and sets up the next generation to appreciate it and take care of the lake,” Jacobs said.