LANCASTER, Pa. (WHTM) – The Lancaster Airport is growing once again, thanks to a $2.65 million grant from state funding. It’s looking to build more corporate hangars.

“A hangar is basically a parking garage for corporate jets,” executive director of the Lancaster Airport Ed Foster said.

Airport officials say as it gets continuously popular, more businesses will be attracted to be associated with the facility.

“Our list has grown from about nine corporate businesses to now 12 now of customers looking to advance their existing business or move here from other regions to the airport to grow their businesses,” Foster said.

The airport already has multiple hangars for corporate businesses. One was finished this year for flyADVANCED, and Foster says there are plenty more on the way.

“We have room on the north side to develop undeveloped land,” Foster said. “We are looking to build three or four on the north side.”

Foster says Cirrus Aircraft has locations throughout the country, but its hub, so to speak, is Lancaster. That’s precisely why Foster says it’s important for the airport to keep leveling up its service any way it can.

“If you don’t build the customers and take care of the customer needs, the customers go somewhere else,” Foster said. “Several companies on the airfield are growing at tremendous strides.”