MANHEIM TOWNSHIP, Pa. (WHTM) — Lancaster Airport is in talks with airline services to add jets that could carry more than 100 passengers. Airport officials would not name the airliners that they are in conversations with.

The local airport isn’t known for larger commercial flights. However, the growth of Lancaster county and the importance of traveling makes sense in this case.

The executive director of the airport, Ed Foster, is hoping to get the deal done, but the change would not be severely major.

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“If we can get what we are trying to lobby for, we could probably get two to four flights a week,” said Foster.

The change wouldn’t be severely major, yet there’s a convenience factor that comes into effect for those living in the Midstate area. The addition could eliminate hour-plus drives to major airports, such as Philadelphia and Baltimore.

“We are trying to do what’s best for the community,” Foster said. “We are trying to broaden the connections and the flexibility for the flying public.”

Locals are speaking out as well. Mary Zimmerman lives within a mile of the airport and would want to take advantage of flights heading further out of state.

“The airport is very easy to get in and out of,” said Zimmerman. “I like that it’s not huge. For me it’s a win-win.”

Tourism and local travel could flourish under a new agreement.

“If there was a larger plane that could take me directly to my destination, that would be amazing,” Zimmerman added.