LANCASTER, Pa. (WHTM) — The Lancaster County Board of Elections voted against the idea of ballot curing this week.

If it was passed, voters would have been given a chance to fix mistakes on their mail-in ballot envelopes, like a missing signature or incorrect date.

Their names would have been posted to an online list, giving them up until one day before Election Day to fix any mistakes and assure their vote counts.

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Last November, Lancaster County had 400 ballots that were not signed or dated correctly.

“There are things the state would and wouldn’t let us change. We’ll keep trying to make some more changes. There is an insert that goes with each mail-in ballot this time and it’s got big bold letters saying, ‘Sign and date your ballot,'” said Lancaster County Commissioner John Trescot.

Trescot also said the elections office is working to make instructions clear for residents on what to do if they get a message about an improperly filled-out ballot.