MOUNT JOY, Pa. (WHTM) – Pickleball is the fastest-growing sport in America, and after falling in love with the game, one Mount Joy farmer decided to build one on his property.

It’s inside of an unused manure tank.

“There’s just nothing else like it,” player Danielle Miller said.

Arlin Benner went to work on converting the tank into a regulation-sized court. He’s been playing the sport for two and a half years, but the finished court was finished this July.

It started with tape on concrete, but it’s become a destination.

“I happen to be friends with a guy that plays here all the time and he said ‘yeah you have to come out to the manure pit and play sometime’ and I was like ‘what’. So I got out here and it’s the most amazing atmosphere,” Miller said.

The tank’s layout makes players feel like they’re in an arena. It includes overhead lighting for primetime action, and the acoustics keep you right in the action.

“It’s not just a game. I don’t like to exercise and [pickleball] is about the only form of exercise I’ve found that I have actually enjoyed,” Benner said.

This is just the beginning for the tank. Benner plans to put up a volleyball net and maybe even a basketball hoop or two.

But for now, pickleball is king.