NEW HOLLAND, Pa. (WHTM) — Union Community Care’s New Holland Health Center is temporarily closed due to “significant water damage,” the company said on Friday.

The New Holland Health Center, a location leased by WellSpan Health, suffered water damage due to a sprinkler and heating, ventilation, and air conditioning malfunction on Dec. 26, Union Community Care said. Further assessment deemed the medical and dental spaces at the facility inoperable, and they have been closed to patient care.

“Our health center was significantly damaged and will require extensive repairs,” said Alisa Jones, Union Community Care President & CEO. “The closure of the site creates serious barriers to healthcare for our New Holland patients. It is our privilege to serve the New Holland community, and we are working tirelessly to make sure the community continues to have a trusted health home with open doors. As we do so, we ask for your support while we work with WellSpan Health to restore our medical and dental spaces in a way that allows us to accessibly and safely care for the New Holland community.”

Union Community Care patients are being contacted to reschedule for a telehealth appointment or an appointment at another location in Lancaster, Lebanon, or Denver, Union Community Care said.

The New Holland facility at 435 S. Kinzer Ave. typically offers medical, dental, behavioral support, and social support services. According to Union Community Care, the company hopes to reopen dental care at that location in the next two to three weeks, and it is working on a short-term plan to reopen medical care at a different location in New Holland.