LANCASTER COUNTY, Pa. (WHTM) – A Lancaster County man was convicted of killing a man in 2019 after setting an apartment on fire and attempting to steal a car.

The Lancaster County District Attorney’s office says Javen Jackson, 24, was convicted of second-degree murder, arson endangering other persons, and robbery of a motor vehicle after a three-day trial on October 14 in Lancaster County.

Jackson was accused of setting a fire to a New Holland apartment in November 2019 and attempting to steal the man’s vehicle in Tere Hill that ultimately caused the 59-year-old man’s death by accelerating and stopping the vehicle while the man hung from the side of the car.

The victim died three days later after an autopsy discovered a fractured skull that was shown to be the fatal injury.

Assistant District Attorney Christopher Miller prosecuted the case and presented testimony and evidence that Jackson was aiming to get out of the area after committing the arson.

According to testimony, Jackson started the fire with a lighter provided to him by a relative. Jackson lit a piece of clothing on fire with the provided lighter and stuck it underneath electrical wires that were manipulated.

Lancaster County Judge Dennis Reinaker presided over the trial and will order a sentence at a later date. The mandatory sentence for second-degree murder is life imprisonment.