LANCASTER COUNTY, Pa. (WHTM) – Strasburg Borough Police say that two men from New York have been charged for allegedly extorting/scamming a 78-year-old victim from Strasburg out of $115,000.

The two men are Vikram Singh, 22, and Devraj Devraj and they are both charged with theft by deception, criminal use of a communication facility, and two counts of theft by extortion for their roles in the scheme.

A Strasburg citizen called the police on September 15 because they believed that their neighbor was being scammed.

The victim was contacted by police and told them that they had a call from someone who said they were a member of the DEA’s Office.

The “member” of the DEA’s Office told the victim that their social security number was used in the commission of narcotics dealing, and money laundering and that the victim would be charged.

That same caller told the victim she would be transferred to a sergeant who was the other perpetrator.

The victim was told that she could hire an attorney and the case would be public and last two to seven years or the victim could keep it private and the government would pick up her assets.

The victim withdrew money multiple times and gave the suspects money in person.

The Lancaster County Detectives would get notified by Strasburg Borough Police and would intercept a call between the victim and the perpetrators who set up a meeting on September 22.

The suspects would be arrested on September 22 after pulling in front of the victim’s house in the vehicle they described to the victim.

One of the suspects attempted to flee from an officer.

Police found information that showed that this operation stemmed from a New York City contact who would text the perpetrator’s information that outlined the time, date, and location of pick-up points for money.

A tentative preliminary hearing will occur for the defendants on October 6.

The investigation is still ongoing.