LANCASTER, Pa. (WHTM) — A Lancaster man was sentenced after he was convicted of his fifth DUI since 2013.

Dun Van Dang, age 49, was sentenced on Nov. 2 to 16 months to seven years in prison after he was convicted of DUI — high rate of alcohol and DUI — general impairment, which are both third-degree felonies. Dang will also have to pay a total of $3,600 in fines, stated the Lancaster County District Attorney’s Office.

According to the Pennsylvania State Police (PSP), a Pennsylvania State Trooper witnessed Dang, who was driving a white BMW, illegally pass another vehicle in the center lane on Lincoln Highway East near the intersection of Mcilvaine Road in Paradise Township.

The trooper conducted a traffic stop on the vehicle and Dang parked in a nearby apartment complex. Dang exited his vehicle and walked into the apartment complex’s breezeway. The trooper ran the registration on the vehicle and went back onto Lincoln Highway East to continue his other assignment, according to PSP.

After running the registration, the trooper discovered that the vehicle belonged to Dang, but his address was located in Philadelphia. The trooper turned around after realizing Dang was trying to avoid him, but he ended up encountering Dang walking on the shoulder of Lincoln Highway East. This was roughly 300 feet from where he parked his BMW, police say.

According to PSP, the trooper asked for Dang’s identification and his information showed that his license had been suspended due to a prior DUI.

Dang admitted that he had two drinks and officers stated that they smelled alcohol on his breath, his eyes also appeared to be bloodshot. Police say he had a blood alcohol concentration of 0.152%.

According to the Lancaster County District Attorney’s Office, further investigation with a field sobriety test and a blood test revealed that Dang had two prior Pennsylvania DUI convictions and two prior New York DUI convictions since 2013.