LANCASTER, Pa (WHTM) – A 14-year-old boy from Lancaster is accused of receiving stolen property after leading police on a chase in a car that was reported stolen.

On July 25, Auto Crimes Detective Will Smith spotted four vehicles in a parking lot between Reiker Ave. and Crystal St. that had been reported stolen.

While Det. Smith was arranging to have the vehicles brought to the police station, he saw the teen drive off in one of the stolen vehicles.

When officers spotted the vehicle, they said the juvenile refused to stop. The chase ended when the suspect crashed head-on into another vehicle on Manor St.

The suspect fled on foot, but was later captured on Caroline St.

The victim in the other vehicle involved in the crash received minor injuries.

Earlier on the same day, Lancaster Police said they recovered two other stolen vehicles. The following day, another vehicle was recovered.

In all seven cases, Police said the vehicles were stolen because a key had been left inside.