ELIZABETHTOWN, Pa. (WHTM) — The Masonic Village & Elizabethtown Model Railroad Club (MV&E Model Rail Road Club) holds monthly open houses to show off their detailed, life-like model railroad tracks.

MV&E Model Railroad Club was first founded 26 years ago, back in 1997, and has since been creating model railroads and terrain that almost every train enthusiasts dream of making.

According to the Vice President of MV&E Model Railroad Club Tim Halvin, the club of 46 members meets periodically throughout the week to work on any of the seven different train gauge sizes that the club has.

These varying gauge sizes consist of:

  • G scale model (Largest)
  • Standard scale model
  • S scale model
  • O scale model
  • HO scale model
  • N scale model
  • and Z scale model (Smallest)

MV&E Model Railroad Club is headquartered in a 5,000 square foot space that is filled with over 1,600 feet of track, and is capable of running 25-30 trains at one time.

According to Halvin, these model layouts stay up year round, but members are constantly upgrading, remodeling, and improving the scenery and track work.

Month to month, there is always something new to see at MV&E.

The model railroad club members don’t want to keep all their hard work to themselves, so every month the club holds an open house to show off their progress to the public.

“It is wonderful to see the expressions on the faces of visitors as they enter and explore,” Halvin said in an email. “It is a great place for families and enthusiasts alike to visit.”

The open houses are held on the first Saturday and Sunday of every month, from 2 p.m. until 4 p.m. According to Halvin, the model railroad club’s season runs from the month of October through April.

Additionally, the club holds a series of extra open houses during the month of December since ‘trains are always a holiday favorite’.

“We hold our open house to share our love of the hobby with the public,” Halvin added. “We are very proud of what the club has created over 26 years and want others to enjoy it as well.”

The next open house will be held on March 4-5. The MV&E Model Railroad Club is located on Freemason Drive in the Masonic Village at Elizabethtown, which is located at 1 Masonic Drive. Upon entry, directional signs will point you to the spacious parking lot outside of the train club’s building.

MV&E Model Railroad Club is always accepting new members. If you are interested in joining, just visit an open house and talk to a club member.

Admission to the open houses is free, however donations are always accepted.

For more information, you can visit their website at www.mvetrainclub.com