LANCASTER, Pa. (WHTM) – Ellen Kim and her 1-year-old son Hugo built a rocket and named it “SSS Hugo.”

The pair was impressed when their rocket, made with an old soda bottle and construction paper, launched into the air at the North Museum of Science and Nature.

Tuesday marked the 50th anniversary of the launch of Apollo 11, the mission that took Neil Armstrong, and Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins to the moon.

Amateur space cadets across the country launched their own creations in a tribute to the historic moment.

Chris Horn brought his entire family to the museum for their launch. Horn’s 6-year-old son Fisher said their rocket would be heading to Pluto.

David Zdancewic, who also brought his family to the museum, said getting children interested in science early in life is important.

“In the future, there’s going to be a lot more emphasis on math, science, technology,” Zdancewic said. “Anything you can do to get your kids interested in that is a good idea.”

The North Museum of Science and Nature has more events planned for the Apollo 11 anniversary, some of which include having astronauts speak at the museum.