MANOR TOWNSHIP, Pa. (WHTM) — A bald eagle in Lancaster County is being nursed back to health after it was found dangling from a tree branch above the Conestoga River on Sept. 3.

It was a joint effort to save one of the great symbols of America. Between the raven ridge wildlife center, local fire department, parks department and state game warden, they were able to save the female bald eagle from being stuck in a fishing line.

“She had been hanging for several hours and she was exhausted,” said Tracie Young, wildlife rehabilitator and director, Raven Ridge Wildlife Center. “At one point the game warden thought the eagle had passed.”

Firefighters put a boat in the water and worked to cut the branch off.

“The fire department was fantastic. They were there on scene within 15 minutes and they had the boat there within a half an hour,” Young said.

Young says the process took about two hours. The eagle was hanging there the whole time.

“I had taken her to the veterinarian right away. There were no breaks, no dislocations,” Young said. “The wing is swollen, so it’s going to be some R&R time for her for her to work that wing.”

For now, young is monitoring her health.

“It’s an honor to work with them. It can be a challenge. There’s a lot to learn with the eagles,” Young said.

She says there are actually a lot of bald eagles around and the population is growing.

“They have been removed from the threatened and endangered species list but at one point I think our warden stopped counting at 150 on the Susquehanna,” Young said.

The bald eagle will stay at Raven Ridge Wildlife Center until her wing is fully healed and she can be released back into the wild.