LANCASTER, Pa. (WHTM) — In September, emPower Training Systems will host an obstacle course race at Clipper Magazine Stadium. It will be the third in a series of OCRs hosted by emPower this year and the second time the gym is holding an OCR at the stadium.

Last Saturday, July 24, participants walked, ran, climbed, and jumped through the second race in the series, which was held at the emPowered Obstacle Barn. The 5K indoor and outdoor course included more than 20 obstacles testing participants’ strength, agility, and endurance.

Josh March, owner of emPower Training Systems, said that the race started with one of the hardest challenges — carrying a jug of water across a stretch of pavement, under some tape, down a hill, and then back up the hill and all the way back to the starting line.

Saturday’s OCR started with a water jug carry obstacle.

Saturday’s OCR also included some Ninja-Warrior-style maneuvering inside the Obstacle Barn — navigating monkey bars, a net, and vertical swinging posts before climbing a rope and inching sideways across a rock wall.

There are Ninja-Warrior-style challenges inside the emPowered Obstacle Barn.

The emPowered OCR at Clipper Magazine Stadium will traverse another 5K course, taking participants outside the stadium, under the stadium, into the batting cages, through the stands, and even out onto the field.

March, a frequent OCR participant, and former American Ninja Warrior competitor started the emPowered OCR at Clipper Magazine Stadium two years ago. After COVID-19 prevented the race from happening last year, it will be back on Friday, September 17.

“One of the main reasons people do obstacle course racing is just to challenge themselves, to see that they’re capable of doing more than they think they are,” March said. “It gives participants goals to train for and meet, and it gives adults a chance to play like kids on a playground.”

A participant jumps over hay bales at Saturday’s OCR.

The upcoming OCR is about more than fun and personal fitness, though; it will also serve as a fundraiser for the emPowered Little Ninjas Foundation, which provides scholarships for children to participate in emPower’s Little Ninjas Summer Camps and programs.

“We know it’s important for kids to be active their entire lives, and it starts when they’re young,” March said, “but beyond that, we want to teach them teamwork, we want to bring them around a supportive environment of both adults that can serve and mentors [and] then other kids just kind of cheering each other on.”

The OCRs hosted by emPower Training Systems include both competitive waves in which participants’ speed and successful completion of the obstacles are considered for prizes as well as open waves that are less about speed and more about the personal challenge.

For the Clipper Magazine Stadium course, participants can join the open waves between 5 and 8:45 p.m., and then at 8:45, the course will be cleared for the competitive participants. March noted that this is different from other OCRs and gives competitors a chance to check out the course before they compete.

Individuals can register for the emPowered OCR at Clipper Magazine Stadium here. Anyone interested in donating to the Little Ninjas Foundation can learn more here.