Between 50 to 100 people are without jobs in Lancaster County.

Employees at Colonial Metals Company say they received their layoff notices weeks ago, but still don’t know why.

Some employees were told the Columbia company could no longer afford taxes on the property. Others were told the company was struggling to get scrap metal.

The decades-old company makes brass, copper and bronze blocks. Borough and county officials are trying to contact the company to find out why it’s closing.

“We would love it if the company were to let all of the employees know a way that we can get in contact with them, to make sure that they can transfer to other jobs,” Lancaster County Commissioner Josh Parsons said.

Despite the loss of jobs, Parsons is confident employees can find work in the county.

“The good news is, with historically low unemployment numbers, many of those people have skill sets that employers are looking for,” he said. “There are certainly great opportunities to get employment and get it quickly if you want it.”

The company did not return calls for comment.