MOUNT JOY, Pa. (WHTM) — October is a perfect time to celebrate all things spooky. At Bube’s Brewery, guests can enjoy ghost tours and even participate in paranormal investigations.

On the ghost tours, visitors learn about the history of Bube’s Brewery, which is the only brewery in the country that was built in the 1800s and is still in its original condition, says Samuel Allen, owner and general manager of Bube’s Brewery.

While exploring the expansive building, ghost tour participants learn about the site’s former inhabitants, from its namesake, Alois Bube, to the men who crowded around the bar and refused to relinquish their seats.

The paranormal investigations are more hands-on and involve participating in guided paranormal research.

“Bube’s Brewery is considered to be a spooky place,” says Allen. It was even featured on the SyFy show “Ghost Hunters” in 2012.

Allen says he has never personally seen a ghost at the brewery in the nearly 40 years he’s worked there, but he still believes that they are present at the site.

“I have had dozens of other people see often the exact same thing,” — a young woman in a long white dress — says Allen. “I can’t explain away that they’re seeing the same thing, describing it in the same way, and in many cases didn’t know a thing about it.”

The ghost tours are offered every Friday and Saturday night, and the paranormal investigations take place on scheduled Saturdays about twice per month, explains Allen.

Bube’s Brewery also holds murder mystery dinners and themed theatrical feasts, in which Allen has recently been playing the role of Count Dracula. (In fact, he was still in his Dracula costume when we spoke.) They have more than a dozen different shows that are put on throughout the year.

Additionally, Bube’s Brewery hosts trivia on Tuesdays, music trivia on Wednesdays, and karaoke on Thursdays and Sundays. The site also features an operational hotel and both casual and fine dining in various parts of the historical structure. More information is available on their website.