LANCASTER COUNTY, Pa. (WHTM) –The Ephrata Police Department’s contract with the township is almost up and township supervisors had a make a decision on Tuesday night.

The decision is whether to continue the contract with the Ephrata Police Department or switch to regional coverage from Northern Lancaster County Regional Police.

“The outpouring of community, community support for the police department. They have shown up and they have shown up in force. They have made their wishes known to the board. And I certainly hope the board hears them,” said Ephrata Police Department Chief Chris McKim.

A standing ovation from the community as the Ephrata Township Supervisors unanimously approved a motion to renew the Ephrata Police Department’s contract until 2029.

“These guys that are here on force, they know our streets, they know ins and outs of how to get here faster. So it is all about response and response on saving a person, having a heart attack, on getting there first before the ambulance crew would get there or a child missing,” said community member Wendy Graham.   

It also means none of the department’s 33 officers are at risk of losing their jobs

“Because we know a couple of the younger ones that were coming in, we’re going to lose their job. So we are just very, very thrilled that they get to stay in our in the police force,” said Graham.