LANCASTER, Pa. (WHTM) — The Manheim Township Fire Rescue and Lafayette Fire Company took part in a training session at Dutch Wonderland.

The fire department stated that the focus of the training was on a new roller coaster at the park and how to best access it, and rescue people in the event the coaster valleys and got stuck. Valleying is when a roller coaster does not make it to a high point on the track layout and rolls back into the valley of the track. The situation itself is extremely rare, and safety systems are in place keep the other trains on the track safely away from the train that valleyed.

When a coaster does valley, the guests are not in any danger. But they need park employees and fire departments to assist in getting them off the coaster train. Then the train is safely relocated to the ride station.

The crew of Truck 204 of the Manheim Township Fire Rescue practiced maneuvering the ladder truck through tight areas of the park for access. They also learned from Dutch Wonderland staff how to safely remove people from the attraction.

The department said this is one of many training sessions that they have participated in at the park.