LANCASTER, Pa. (WHTM) — Locals are saying Lancaster City’s southeast area is experiencing a renaissance.

“When you walk through the southeast though, there is evidence of real growth and vitality but there isn’t a lot of physical evidence or sensory evidence of the cultures that live there,” Marci Nelligan, Program Director of South Central Partners, said.

The southeast area is pulsing with diversity and Nelligan says she wants to make that clear to see.

“We’d like as soon as you walk into the southeast, to know that I’m in a rich neighborhood. Full of culture, full of art,” she said.

Millersville University and the Spanish American Civic Association are partnering over the next four years to bring art and culture to the forefront. Their efforts will be supported by a $100,000 grant.

“I don’t know if there’s anything more important than being able to express who you are,” Nelligan said.

She says specific projects are still in development and residents can expect to see wide-ranging showcases from murals to music workshops.

“[Art] is a great way to learn about one another,” Nelligan said. “To put away fear and to say we have something in common, all kinds of threads that people don’t know unite them are available to us through art.”