EPHRATA, Pa. (WHTM) — The hen house is at capacity for mother and father hens navigating quarantine across the country.

To prevent any ruffled feathers, Retreat Behavioral Health Service in Ephrata is part of a a bi-weekly zoom call that offers support for parents called, “A Mom’s Toolkit for Coping with COVID-19.” A licensed therapist leads the discussion, but anyone is welcome to chime in with their struggle or success stories.

“How are we supposed to do everything all at once,” said Vanina Hochman, corporate director for special programs, Retreat Behavioral Health.

It’s a question for the quarantine age. In addition to the virus itself, Hochman said parents most frequent concerns include time management, stress of the unknown and the dreaded social media snare — comparison. 

“Why aren’t I — as a mom, doing those things? So, it’s really hard to not compare yourself and feel like you’re not up to standard,” Hochman said.

According to Hochman, the only standards parents need to live up to are staying cool, calm and collected while offering a listening ear.

“Make sure that we give our children the space to talk about their feelings, their successes, their struggles,” Hochman said.

To limit struggle, Hochman suggests maintaining a basic routine — but don’t beat yourself up if that sometimes falls apart.

“Predictability for kids is the safest thing you can provide them. So, a good schedule is really important,” Hochman said.

If it’s one of those days when all else is failing, don’t be afraid to blow off some steam as a family.

“Even if it’s a loud music party that you can have together or a pillow fight,” Hochman said.

The next call is scheduled for May 1 at 2 p.m. Click here for more information.