MANHEIM, Pa. (WHTM) — Driving through the Lancaster County countryside, you may spot what looks like a lighthouse. But it’s not shining lights so that tractors in the fields can avoid running into a herd of cows or anything like that. It’s actually a silo.

The over-100-foot-tall silo is located at Kreider Farms, a farm that has been family owned and operated since 1935, and guests participating in a Kreider Farms tour can climb the 172 steps to the top of the silo to see sweeping views of Lancaster County farmland.

The silo was originally located about 300 yards away from where it currently stands, explained Kreider Farms Marketing Manager Khalee Kreider. The family was considering getting rid of it, but Khalee’s dad Ron decided to move it and incorporate it into the tour instead.

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“We moved it that 300 yards very slowly and very carefully with the help of a house mover, and then over the next year, we cleaned it up and added the infrastructure to be able to climb it and walk around once you get to the top,” Khalee explained.

Today, as a guide may explain on the tour, Kreider Farms uses flatter bunker silos for storage because they are better at preventing the contents from growing bacteria and preventing dust from floating around and getting into workers’ lungs.

The bunker silos look like large piles of material covered with tarps covered with tires — not as great for getting an overhead view of the farm. The tall vertical silo, though, makes for a fun climb.

In addition to teaching guests about silos and providing an opportunity to climb one of them, the Kreider Farms tour explains the farm’s history and present-day operations. Participants learn about how the Kreider cows are cared for and milked on a carousel.

The tour also explains how Kreider Farms implements sustainability practices like repurposing its animals’ waste and gives guests a glimpse into what operating a farm might be like.

“Because we are a real farm, we like to showcase that,” Khalee said. “Only 2% of the American population are farmers, and a lot of today’s youth and people just don’t know about farming or what all goes into it.”

“We hope that people finish the tours and come out a life-long Kreider fan if they aren’t already,” added Khalee. “We hope that they leave with a good sense and a good feeling of who Kreiders is and they can have confidence when they buy our products knowing that they’ve seen exactly where it’s coming from and exactly how it’s being produced.”

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