LANCASTER COUNTY, Pa. (WHTM) — Kellogg’s employees at the cereal plant in Lancaster County are on strike and they are not backing down.

“We want the company to understand what our union members do for them. We worked 365 days 24/7 through the whole pandemic for the last two years,” Kerry Williams, the local union president said.

They plan on staying on strike as long as it takes until they get a fair and equitable contract. One sticking point is the two-tier system which pays new employees lower wages, something the union agreed to back in 2015. 

“It was not working the way we thought it would work, and we want to change that again, where everyone is equal on the plant floor,” Williams said.

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This affects more than 300 workers here in Lancaster County alone. They say they’re fighting not just for their rights as workers but for the rights of working people across the country. 

“We’re losing jobs here in the United States. We need to keep jobs in the United States. If you don’t have jobs, people can’t afford products, they can’t afford their livelihoods. We want to keep this middle class working,” Williams added.

In a statement, Kellogg said: “Our offer includes increases to pay and benefits for our employees while helping us meet the challenges of the changing cereal business……We remain ready, willing, and able to continue negotiations and hope we can reach an agreement soon.” 

So the big question– could this end up affecting you? The union says absolutely– your favorite products could start to dry up if this lingers too long. From Frosted Flakes to Special K and everything in between.

“We do not know how much cereal is in the warehouses. There could be a shortage and hopefully, people will buy American-made,” he said.