LANCASTER, Pa. (WHTM) – A woman abandoned seven kittens outside an animal shelter in Lancaster County after she was told the shelter was at capacity, the shelter’s rescue director said.

Dr. Brenda Fijalkowski, rescue director of Pet Pantry on Millersville Road, said the kittens were out in the sun for about five minutes on Wednesday before staffers were told about them. She said the shelter is considering pursuing charges against the woman.

“The kittens are much too young to be away from their mother,” Fijalkowski said.

Fijalkowski said abandoning pets is illegal.

“The person doing so can foresee some fines for doing so and maybe even charges for cruelty to animals for leaving them out in the sun like that,” she said.

The kittens have been placed in foster homes. Fijalkowski said the shelter is looking for permanent homes.

The Pet Pantry of Lancaster County is looking for donations to help feed the kittens until they get into their forever homes.