(WHTM) — A Lancaster-based company made an appearance during Rihanna’s halftime show this year and had a massive hand in making sure the performance went to plan.

According to abc27 media partner LancasterOnline/LNP, a Warwick Township-based company built the floating platforms and coordinated the rigging to keep everything in place.

Tait, an entertainment company on the Rock Lititz campus in Lancaster, built the floating platforms, as well as made sure everything was stable for the show.

LNP spoke with Tori Hartman who is a spokesperson for Tait.

“We provided the 7 floating platforms that Rihanna and her dancers used throughout the performance,” Hartman said via email with LNP|LancasterOnline. “The platforms required a complex rigging system that was powered by our 440 winches and was controlled by the TAIT Navigator Automation Platform.”

According to LNP, winches are spools with wire ropes that can lift or support heavier objects. Winches can be used to suspend floating stages and pull cars out from tricky terrains.

Tait also assisted with two cameras during Rihanna’s performance, which aided in the opening shot of the halftime show, as well capturing the fireworks during Rihanna’s closing song, said Hartman.

LNP mentioned that two other companies on the Rock Lititz campus, Clair Global and 4Wall Entertainment, also worked on the Super Bowl.

Tait worked with the Super Bowl back in 2021, where they helped construct several parts of The Weeknd’s halftime show. According to LNP Tait worked with Rock Lititz tenant Atomic to create the background, and an interactive sprawling city with more than 15 buildings.